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TWAC 2021

After The Great British Paddle, it was again only a few days before Alex was straight into his next project - The Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge - a trans-Atlantic rowing race from La Gomera in the Canary islands to Antigus in the Caribbean.

A team of four women, all working mothers, had been donated a boat, but were not sure how to get from there to the start of the race. They had already procured the services of a rowing coach - Duncan Roy - but the boat was in a state, having already crossed the Atlantic 5 times before, it needed a serious refit.

While the four girls were busy getting fit and raising sponsorship funds, Alex was looking at what needed to be done to the boat. A lot of the kit onboard would need replacing or fixing.

Luckily, Alex had help from the brothers at  (the owners of Champagne Hippy) and was able to get the boat in to their workshop to begin the task of completely stripping the boat to see what needed to be done.



One of the first jobs was to get power back onto the boat in order to test the electrics. Victron had sponsored the team and offered two new lithium batteries, this meant that Alex could test the solar panels and all the electrics to work out what needed to be replaced and what needed repair.

The water maker was the next thing to come out - a major piece of equipment. If the team can't make water, then they can't continue. Luckily Alex had a friend in Jim at Mactra Marine and got the unit out the boat and down to Jim to have a look at. 

New hatches and vents were next - keeping the water out being important in preserving kit and electrics. Again Alex called on various industry contacts to help.

By this point, Alex had already saved the team in excess of £10,000.

You can follow the project via social media links below or the team website

Alex's role in the project:

  • Project management of the boat

  • Refit of the boat

  • Weather Routing