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British Round the World Yachtsman and co author of Boat to Boardroom, Alex Alley has spoken all over the world on his racing experiences, from teaching himself to sail to representing and winning for his country by the age of 19.

Leading a team around the world through the freezing expanse of the Southern Ocean and around Cape Horn, dealing with serious medical emergencies thousands of miles from help, yet still managing to keep the team motivated and continue to achieve records.

Alex talks candidly about living, and working, with the same team 24/7 for up to 8 weeks at a time through storms and life threatening conditions. How do you motivate a team when they are 1000 miles from civilisation, 3 crew down, one seriously injured, it’s freezing cold outside with huge waves pounding the boat day and night. Still a month from the finish and dry land, 2000 miles behind the rest of the fleet, the team are completely alone, but they don’t give up…

Hear the story from someone who has really been there – an ordinary man who has achieved, and is still achieving, extraordinary things.