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Coping with COVID

Live Online Masterclass

Recent testimonials:

  • "This couldn't have been better timed..."

  • "If you are a leader and feel stuck, then the '12 point plan' is exactly what you need"

  • "Spot-on content for what’s happening right now. I will definitely take away the idea of triaging…"

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Coping with COVID Part 1

Interactive Masterclass


Welcome to our Coping with COVID online masterclass, run by Paula Reid - The Adventure Psychologist.

Coping with COVID has been born out of Adventure Psychology: Going Knowingly into the Unknown™. Adventure Psychology helps individuals and business thrive in changing, challenging and uncertain conditions. It’s about enduring performance which is flexible and resilient – a perfect fit for the current situation. Coping with COVID is a flexible series of Masterclasses that will evolve over time.

We deliver sessions which are tailored to organisations or strata or functional teams.



  • How to Survive, Cope & Thrive in difficult times

  • Increased flexibility, resilience and enduring performance

  • Healthy thinking to enable optimum functioning and flourishing

  • How to deal with uncertainty and ambiguity

  • Boost morale, motivation, focus and engagement

  • Improved mental capacity to perform

  • Be more productive


Technology - Zoom

We use Zoom to run the online masterclasses and can host up to 100 people for any duration.

We set up the Zoom, invite attendees and host entirely.

The session runs through PowerPoint slides which we will share using the screen-share facility and a graphic facilitator will capture the output and sharing the graphic recording as much as technically possible.


Agenda – 2 hours, 15 mins

A typical session may run as follows:

15 mins prior     Zoom open. General chat

0000 – 0030       Check-in with Host/Chairperson including a COVID check-in:

Out of 10 how are they coping with COVID? Ask all individuals to answer and justify their score

0030 – 0035      Introduction to Paula - The Adventure Psychologist, Coping with COVID

Handover to Paula

Paula will also share her score out of 10 and introduce the graphic illustrator

0035 – 0135      Coping with COVID healthy mindsets & 12 tips

0135 – 0145      Comfort break (10 mins)

0145 – 0155      Breakout solution rooms. Depending on numbers, we run breakout rooms where each group discusses their solutions to an allocated topic. i.e:-

  1. Your own mental health as leaders

  2. The mental health of your staff/teams

  3. The mental health of your suppliers/clients

  4. The mental health of your non-work community (i.e. neighbourhood)

  5. How to re-frame challenging business thoughts

  6. What CAN you control? Etc.

0155 – 0205     Back to main Zoom room to share breakout solutions

0205 – 0215     Paula summarises, wrap up, Emma reveals graphic.

0215                 Back to main Host/Chairperson



After the session we will send you the graphics, a PDF of the slides and a handout. The handouts include how to lead in uncertainty, ambiguity and be agile.


Paula Reid – The Adventure Psychologist.

Adventure Psychology is a new discipline which helps individuals and business thrive in changing, challenging and uncertain conditions. It’s about enduring performance which is flexible and resilient – a perfect fit for the present time.

Paula Reid is an adventurer who has skied full distance to the South Pole and yacht raced around the world in the Global Challenge - The World’s Toughest Yacht Race. She has also cycled across 12 countries, paddled the Mekong, kayaked the Thames and walked across three countries, so she has personal experience of surviving, coping and thriving in difficult and extreme circumstances.

Paula also has an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology which is about human functioning and flourishing despite the conditions.

We have created Coping with COVID as a response to the current crisis to support business leaders to have healthy and helpful mindsets.

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