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About me

British Round the World Yachtsman and co author of Boat to Boardroom, Alex Alley has spoken all over the world on his racing experiences, from teaching himself to sail to representing and winning for his country by the age of 19. Leading a team around the world through the freezing expanse of the Southern Ocean and around Cape Horn, dealing with serious medical emergencies thousands of miles from help, yet still managing to keep the team motivated and continue to achieve records.


Whilst also still actively sailing, Alex is also a Principle Associate of Adventure Psychology - helping businesses and individuals succeed in challenging and uncertain times. Bringing a lifetime of experiences in not only surviving but thriving in conditions most could never imagine, he uses the powerful analogy of yacht racing and other extreme worlds to bring the lessons to life - embedding them deeper and for longer. It’s being able to make the right decisions under extreme pressure that often is the difference between huge success and massive disaster, and Alex brings an unparalleled level of experience, processes and mindsets to make this happen.


Degree in Marine engineering and yacht design

Sailed over 150,000 nautical miles, including racing around the world in the Global Challenge RTW Yacht Race 2004/5

3 sailing world records – Length of Britain, Solo around the Isle of Wight, Outright around the Isle of Wight (40’ monohull)

Superyacht skipper and race yacht skipper

Solo, non-stop sailing for 75 days, 14,500 miles aiming to break solo non-stop around the world record. Very few people have sailed solo, non-stop for longer

Represented England and won world championship in the 40’ 1-ton class.

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